Why SME Sucks and Does a Bad Job at Sucking


Disclaimer: I’m not an EXO fan, so this is not coming from a butt-hurt fangirl. The only SME artists I really like are SHINee and Trax (who I’ll mention).

I seriously despise SM Entertainment. I don’t despise the artists, just the company. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt. Obviously they are doing something “right,” or else they would not be one of the Big 3 in the Korean entertainment industry. However, what is “right” is not always good. Favoritism to certain groups; bombardment of advertisement (of artists and the brands they promote); and general douchebaggery; are just some of the things that SME does that makes them horrible. I’m going to go down the list of groups and rant about how SME is screwing up with them. Plus, adding a few things that also annoy me.

Super Junior – The Cash Cow

Super Junior is probably the most popular boy group in k-pop. However, I believe their popularity is due to two things: 1) Constant promotion (i.e never letting us go a day without seeing something about them, either on TV, movies, or advertisements) and 2) SME realizing crazy fangirls will eat up anything that decent looking guys do, even if it’s total crap. That’s right, I said most of the music Super Junior is total crap. The same beats and patterns run through almost every song Super Junior promotes: a steady beat plus repetitive chorus. Not to mention the self-plagiarism.  You can not tell me that “Bonanama” and “Sorry, Sorry” do not sound the same. THEY DO!  If that wasn’t bad enough, SUJU really gets gypped with their MVs. You are guaranteed to have them wearing some strange outfits dancing in a strangely lit box. You’d think that SME would at least put a little effort into the money maker. But no. Instead we get crap like the random “SPY” (which could have been amazing). Whatever happened to the MVs like “It’s You,” “Marry U,” and “No Other”? Not only were those songs good, but the MVs were good, as well.  SME needs to stop milking their cash cow and give it some quality feed.

BoA – K-Pop Princess

BoA set the mark for what a k-pop artist should be like. Apparently, SME did not get the memo. Instead, until recently, they’ve shipped her off to Japan. If you were new to k-pop a year ago (unless you knew her from j-pop), you may not have even known that BoA was a k-pop star. It’s not like BoA has done anything to warrant unfairness. She’s always been loyal to the label (SME artist for over a decade) and is a superstar. Lucky for her, she hasn’t been subjected to crap MVs like SUJU, since BoA’s brother is fantastic at doing MVs and helps with hers.


I don’t even know what to say for these guys. Talk about something being effed up. Not only do you run off 3 members of the group, SME then basically ships the other two off Japan like BoA.  It was three years before TVXQ released a song in Korea. As soon as they finished promotion, back to Japan they go. It was repeated again this time. Why can’t they just stay longer? Not only that, the music has taken a nose dive. When they were last 5, the group had wonderful songs like “Mirotic.” I got youuuuu, under my skin ~~ (Sorry, had to sing that). Now, we get “Catch Me” and “Humanoids,” which are basically the same song, and like the recent songs TVXQ released in Japan (dub-step overload). Now, while I thought “Before U Go” was a good song, it is just a rehashing of “Sorry Sorry-Answer” by SUJU and “Hot Times” by SM The Ballad (EXO also joins in with “What is Love.”)  I will say this, at least TVXQ gets more of a MV budget.


Poor Trax. They seriously get the short-end-of-the-stick.  The band also went 3 years without releasing any albums, and not only was their membership changed, but also their sound.  The band went from rock to more pop-rock. The real sad thing is that Jungmo and Jay Kim are probably the best artists at SME, but we barely hear anything about them. They got almost no promotion, and when they left for their military service, it was barely talked about (unlike when SUJU members leave). Just….a shame.


All I can say about SHINee is that, like TVXQ and BoA, they spend way too much time in Japan. It took two years for SHINee to release another album in Korea, and as soon as they did, they were back in Japan. Also, when they do come back, SME really likes to eff up their teasers (Taemin anyone?). However, it is nice they are making another Korean comeback soon (which is what led to this rant). Like Trax, they are one of the better groups, yet we don’t see them often enough. Oh, and stop dressing Taemin like he’s a girl. Seriously, stop that. We know he’s a boy.



I honestly feel bad for EXO, and I’m not even a fan.  We get bombarded by a 100 teasers for this rookie group (which turned off a lot of prospective fans), who was deemed the next SUJU or SHINee, and all we get is ONE MINI ALBUM. That’s it. Let’s look at this in perspective: fellow rookie group B.A.P had FIVE, that’s right, FIVE, comebacks before their one year anniversary; Bigstar, CHAos, C-Clown, AJAX, 100%, and VIXX had two; and BtoB and 24K had one. EXO had NONE. How the heck do you expect a rookie group to consistently stay in the minds of non-rabid fans, when we only see them for one month before they disappear?  You let a veteran group make a couple of comebacks, yet can’t invest some more time in your rookie group so they’ll develop more. You may say that despite only appearing once, they managed to win a couple of rookie accolades, but that does not remove general bull crap by the company in promoting them.


They can not even get a fan club name. That is all.


The golden children. Seriously, I don’t think they can do wrong within SME. They are the perfect money-making machine created by SME. Which, is a shame. Sometimes, I feel like their best interests are often left to the side in favor of making a couple of bucks off of them.


I can not tell you how effing annoying SME is when it comes to English. You want your artists to be internationally successful?? Then how about you actually teach them HOW TO SPEAK/SING ENGLISH!!! I’m not talking that random and awkward Engrish SME likes to throw into their songs. “Go kick it in the butt,” “her whisper is the lucifer, “go lock-a-lock-a,” “genie for your wish,” “anonymous, nameless, whatever they are saying” anyone?? You can’t say SME can’t afford it. They make MILLIONS every year. They can invest in a few proper English tutors. Or how about the actual native-English speaking artists they have under the label (Jung Sisters, Tiffany, Amber, Henry, Jay Kim) teach their fellow members and correct the nonsense lyrics in the songs. It’s not that hard, people.

Favoritism Among Group Members

So, I understand most groups have a “face” for the group. Rather it’s the leader or just a visual. However, SME’s method is just disgraceful. We are constantly bombarded with images of only certain members within a group, whether they actually have any talent or not. In Super Junior, it’s Siwon (and formerly Leeteuk and Heechul). In SNSD, it’s Yoona. In f(x), it’s Sulli and Krystal. Due to their policies of endlessly promoting certain members, the other members are often left on the sidelines. You have Henry, who is probably one of the best artists at SME, but is only marched out for SUJU-M promotions. Talk about an effing waste. He has more swag than all of SUJU combined. Fine, if his Korean isn’t that good, then let him do solo English/Mandarin works or perhaps create a Mandarin project group of others who speak the language (Amber, Zhou Mi, Victoria). I still can’t distinguish all the members of SNSD, simply because I don’t see them enough. I’m not really insulting Yoona, I just don’t think she’s as talented (or as pretty) as the others. You have lovable characters like Sunny and Hyoyeon, who are often the least visible members. Now, I can sort of understand the situation with Sunny, since you do not want to be accused of nepotism (she’s Lee Soo Man’s niece). However, there’s really no excuse for the Hyoyeon situation. She’s the best dancer in the group (which was shown on the Korean version of “Dancing With the Stars”), and when she has a chance to separate herself from the pack, she’s relegated for only a small bit in “MAXSTEP.” Give the other girls a chance!!!  At least there was TaeTiSeo. When SME created a show that was mostly filled with SME artists, they had the chance to use the ONE GIRL IN THE COMPANY WHO COULD PASS AS A BOY.  Instead of using Amber, who some still mistake for a boy, they chose Sulli. NOBODY would ever mistake her for a boy. The show may have been fiction, but come on, at least use some logic.


I just…*sigh*. First, stop covering songs. SME has enough money to at least get more originality. It’s bad enough they self-plagiarize and produce mindless dribble. The least they could do is always produce original music. I will say, at least they got Team One Sound and Henry’s production team, The NoizeBank, to help with SUJU-M.  So, good on them for that. Second, cut out the cutesy crap with SNSD. They are grown ass women, and it’s time they acted that way. Kudos for changing the concept with “I Got A Boy,” but that was seriously a MISS. Just because other artists can pull off combining two or more musical styles into one song, it doesn’t mean that it’s always going to sound good. I will say, though, that when it comes to SHINee, a decent job is done. “Sherlock” was actually pretty smart and sounded better combined than in their singular form. Third, please get it together with the outfits worn. SHINee’s style is just…special. The same goes for f(x). Stop throwing random crap together and saying it’s a “concept” or “fashion.” It’s not. It’s crap.


Seriously SME. It’s bad enough we can not get rid of those dang Genie ads on your music videos. Now, we are subjected to you artists shilling for the companies they promote for, as well, during MVs. In case you missed it, “IGAB” by SNSD featured blatant advertisements for the watches and perfume the members promote. Just, please, STOP!!  THEY ARE MVS, NOT COMMERCIALS!!!

General Douchebaggery

SHINHWA, JYJ, and Hangeng. That is all. What happened to these guys, when they defied the company, just shows how SME can be really low-down, douchey, and scum-sucking pricks.

So, yes, SME, you suck.



Juju’s Memo to the ‘Dear’ BBR DJs and Whoever Else


So. A lot of people were in the BBR chat room when I ‘exploded’. First and foremost, I want to apologize to the people in there, as what was going on when said ‘explosion’ happened, did not involve any of them/you. Second, I’d like to clear things up, since a lot of you have gotten one side of the story, or made one from the little you read in the chat/heard from others.

So here is how the ‘story’ -from my point of view-, goes. *warning, long story/paragraphs ahead*

Every day, when I get to work and turn on the computer, the first thing I do is open up BBR and go to the kpop channel. then I say hello in chat -Andy is almost always the request DJ at the time- and I ask for my 3 requests. But I do it in a certain way….I have my two first ones that I want to hear then the third one, then I give two extra song requests and ask the DJ -Andy- to choose for the last song request for me because I can’t make up my mind andI don’t care which one plays. Which she does for me.

On the 21 of January, 2013, to my surprise, it was Sal that was the request DJ -turned out that Andy had plans-, which was fine with me. I did my usual three requests, plus the two that the DJ could choose in my place as my last song request [I should add something; when I’m at work and the boss is there, I don’t sign in. I stay as an anon, but since Andy knows me so well, she always recognizes me -that is, if I haven’t already told everybody in the ‘room’ that it’s me- and says ok]. Sal didn’t recognize me -which is fine, she’s not used to how I request songs- and told me three song only. I told her it was me, and that usually I get Andy to choose the last song request for me because I’m so indecisive when it comes to choosing just three. She said ok, chose a song -the first three I requested were the ones to be played, according to her- and that was it. She told me there were a lot of requests, so I would have to wait a while to hear them. That wasn’t an issue for me, as I listen to the radio for 9 hours straight -the whole time I’m at work-, and I said ok, that it wasn’t a problem. So I listened to the songs that were being played, -that morning, the boss was not due in until later on, but I stayed as an anon out of laziness. And in case he came in early. Plus everybody knew who I was, and if they didn’t, I told them- worked, and chatted with people in the ‘room,’ randomly. As time passed, I saw that requests that were made long after mine were being played, while mine were not. Finally, two of my songs got played. Then I waited for the third, and final song, to get played. It never came. I waited. And waited. I tried to get Sal’s attention about it -my missing final (first and most important for me) request- and was ignored. I kept trying. Nothing. I started getting mad. So I told her -in the chat room, not smart of me-, that I had an issue. That got ignored. So I repeated it. She asked me what was ‘wrong.’ I PMed her -private message- and told her I had an issue with how she was DJing. I did the 123’s -how one of my requests (the most important one for me!) was missing, how she played the requests that were songs that she liked first, not going by when the person requested and order and such…etc-. That was all in private, just to her, from me. She decided to reply in the chat room. Not a smart move, in my opinion. And she didn’t even really reply, she just said there were a lot of requests and that I would hear it soon. I was mad. Not only because she lied -she did, I have proof-, but that she went and got everybody involved into an issue I had with just her. Which then turned into a, “hey, back off Sal! you calm down.” kind of thing, because I told one of the girls -i’m not going to name you, but i do know who you are, and you know who you are- to stay out of it when she told me to calm down when Sal then kept on ignoring me, in the chat room and the private message I had sent her and left opened -which, when you’re an anon, others can’t reply to private messages sent from anons, if the anon has closed said private message. I had left it open on purpose, waiting for her reply and explanation-. I was still waiting for my last request (BAP’s Rain Sound), and still nothing. [sidenote -and my proof-: during the whole time, I had been chatting with Andy. I told her what had been happening in the chat room and with Sal. She went and investigated. She looked in the server and the chat room, and saw that Sal still had not queued up my request, even after my making an issue out of it. So she did it for me, and told me it would be up soon -which, thank you, Andy-.] By that time, I was so mad, Sal told me that if I had an issue with her DJing, I could always talk to Rip about it. To which I said I definitely would, and did -I’ll talk about that in a bit-; and said I was done with chat -meaning I stayed silent, not that I left-. Fun thing to note; my request was not the only one to have been missed by Sal that day -Andy saw the ‘missed’ requests as well, and had to add them herself. Way to let her have a day off-.

Now let me apologize to Sal for calling her out in front of everybody in the chat room, because that was uncalled for. But in my defense, if she had replied in the PM I had sent and not gotten everybody else involved, I wouldn’t have exploded in there.

[How is it that Andy, who was not even fully paying attention or actually ‘there’ in the chat room, and not the actual DJ at the time, not miss any of the requests; but Sal, who was the DJ at the time, did? Answer me that, please.]

I was damn pissed. And I did just like I told Sal I would, I went and DMed Rip -direct message, on twitter- and told him how some of his DJs were not acting as they should and maybe he should do something about it. But that I didn’t think he would, or that he would side with them, as I was a lowly listener and why should he listen to me? I also told him that if this idiocy -I didn’t use that word- kept happening, BBR would lose an avid listener and fan. And that I was aware that I seemed like a total bitch, but that I didn’t like unfairness -which I felt was what was happening-. And that was it, that was my DM to Rip. Now, I heard nothing back from him. But he shared what I wrote to him with all the DJs and then they all went in witch-hunt form -Andy excluded-. The witch? Me. Ever been a target of just one person’s wrath? Try having I don’t know how many, against you, yelling at you, demanding answers and whatnot. the whole shebang, Basically, I got attacked. Funtimes.
I won’t go into who said what -or didn’t, for some- and what happened, because that’s none of your business. Oh, and by the way, I didn’t get any apology from Sal, or any message (passive-aggressive re-tweets aside) from her. She just sent everybody else to do what she should have done, confront me herself, that is. (And still haven’t.)

Now about the ‘DJs’ Memo to the listeners’ that BBR posted on their site. You talk about all of the DJs volunteering their time, “for the love of music,” and that you, “want to share that love by playing songs for us.” (direct quotes from said memo) Do you all know what volunteering means? It’s exactly like a job, the only exception is that you are not paid. Now tell me, would -some of- you act like you do as DJ in a work environment? Because if you did, I can almost 100% assure you, you would not last long at that job, or get good recommendations at that. And if you do have a job that lets you act this way, well hey! Congrats!

I’ve done volunteering, at different places, for different companies/things. A lot was required of me and just because I was not paid did not mean I could just laze about and not do my job. I would have been told not to come back, but thanks for volunteering. I had to put in the time and work and if for some reasonI couldn’t make it -which never happened-,I was to call and explain why and apologise and get someone to cover for me. And alert the others of the ‘ change in plans’.

So how about, instead of having, what is it, 16-18 DJs now? Have just a few that know the rules -and follow them- and what are expected of them. Just because someone listens to the radio all the time and is in the chat constantly does not make them a good candidate to be a DJ. Just something to think about.

And that’s about it. Thanks for reading my ‘side’ of the events, if you came this far.

You respsect me, I’ll respect you.


K-Pop Fans: Delusional Idiots

For background, recently, a photo of B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk, Himchan, and Daehyun, with 2 girls in bikinis, was shared on the internet.  The boys do not seem to be really touching the girls and it appeared the photo was taken on a boat. (B.A.P may be filming a new MV in the Philippines.)

The general reactions to the photo:

  1. Looks like they are having fun.
  2. New hairstyles! Does that mean a new MV?
  3. Lucky girls. Wish I could get to that close to them.
  4. Who are those biotches and why are those sluts hanging out with them?  Stay away from my oppa/baby!!
  5. I can’t believe they are involved in a scandal already!

The 4th and 45h categories is who I have a problem with. What the heck is wrong with people? Who are you to dictate who an artist can or can not have contact with? Also, what scandal?

First of all, you have like zero chance of EVER so much as touching these guys, and you think you have some sort of claim on them? No, sweetie, you do not. They don’t know you and you are about as relevant in their lives as that speck of dirt on the bottom of their shoes.  Second, who the heck are you to judge anyone? We are all imperfect, so you can’t judge simply based on that. However, you cross a line when you call a girl you don’t know a “slut” or “biotch.”  Those girls could have been innocent extras, or friends, or anybody else in the world.  So, they are wearing bikinis? WHY DOES THAT MATTER? They are on a boat, near water, and a beach. Heck, if I had the body, I’d be in a bikini, too. That doesn’t make anybody a slut.  Third, is any female they come into contact with a lover? NO!!!!!! How is it any of your business to begin with? They are humans, and deserve to live life like the rest of us do. Would you go up to complete strangers, who are in the vicinity of each other, and yell at them about who they are with and accuse them of being in a relationship? No, you would not. The boys of B.A.P are complete strangers, even if we like to think of them as friends (or targets for our love interest).  Fourth, your fantasies are not reality. They are just fantasies. Get a grip.

To those who are saying this is a scandal: REALLY?!?  I would not have known a thing about the photo, if I hadn’t seen people I follow on tumblr laughing at the reactions of fangirls. I have not seen any articles or official statements.  It’s a photo of a group of guys next to a couple of girls. Isn’t that par-for-course with artists? There is no scandal, so stop yelling “Fire!,” when there’s not even a wisp of smoke.

True fans are there to support and encourage the people we enjoy. This includes accepting ANY possible relationships and not acting like psycho, jealous ex-lovers when we’ve had no contact with them whatsoever. Let the guys love, live, and be happy, you delusional idiots. That’s it. So, shut the heck up.



K-Pop Krunch

block b1

So, I was asked my opinion on the most recent issue with Block B. Initially, I was not going to talk about it, but after seeing so many things floating around, I feel the need to rant about what is happening. Let me start off by saying that no matter what, I support Block B. They are artists who deserve all the love and success that they gain.

If you are not up-to-date on the most recent happenings, Block B has sued their label, Stardom Entertainment. Luckily, the drama surrounding Block B is not a result of something they did themselves. The current suit stems from, undoubtedly questionable, actions by Stardom Entertainment. You can read translations concerning the statements from the parties involved here, here, and here. As to the reality of the situation, we can only sit back and wait for the situation to be handled…

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You “boo” because I have an opinion?


bitch please1

Yesterday, some people really pissed me off. Maybe I should start at the beginning, I listen to the Kpop channel, on BigBradio.com (If you have an issue with my music choice or think that’s lame, that’s your problem. I don’t tell you what to like or dislike, so do me the same favour.), mostly during the week, at work. There’s a chat room on there, so you can chat with people listening to the radio and request songs. There are marathons that go on all the time -planned marathons-, for singer’s birthdays and themed ones as well. Which brings me to yesterday. See, yesterday was special. There was an EXO marathon going on for one of the band member’s birthday, which is fine, I’m all for marathons and celebrating a person on their special day. What I didn’t like or approved of, is that after the marathon, the dj -and I’m not going to name names, because I’m not that much of a bitch- decided to keep playing SME songs (SME is the company under which EXO is under), for well over an hour. They were not request -don’t give me that bullshit, the {few} ones after were, maybe, but before? fuck no-, they had just decided to play SME songs only. Which I disagree with and complained about because 1. it’s a Kpop radio site, not an SME radio only, and 2. that’s rude to the listeners. as a dj, your job is to provide a VARIETY of music, not play what you like only. The radio is not your personal playlist, so don’t treat it as such. There are other things that bother me about the djs on there, but I won’t get into it.

  Anyway, i complained in the chat room that only SME songs were being played and could the dj please vary the music out. Not only did I get told off by an ‘anon’ that I was being rude because, “from what you are saying, I get that you are not a SME fan, but you’re being mean and rude because some listeners are fans and you’re hurting their feelings.” or some bullshit like that. I never said i didn’t like SME, or the songs/groups that are produced by that company. All I said was that it was unfair to the listeners and annoying to have to listen to SME song after song. That was it. And I got crap for that. Which, I think was uncalled for. Even the dj told me to “play nice.” wtf.

  So I’m done. I’m done going in the chat and talking to people, answering questions and playing ‘nice’ . Good going BigBradio, you just lost a listener because you don’t tell your djs how to behave. Go you.

  Yes, I’m a bitch. It’s not news.


Get Over Yourself


Disclaimer: I know I am guilty of a bit of self-involvement myself. But, some people take it to an extreme.  The irony of me ranting about people whining and being self-involved has not escaped me. hahaha.

You know, I try to be patient and understanding. I know nobody is perfect, but do people have to be so annoying? Do you need to give your freaking opinion on everything? Even when you aren’t asked? NOBODY CARES.  Also, you aren’t the only one on this planet having a tough time with things. It’s okay to occasionally whine, or reach out to your friends for support. However, doing it daily just makes you a whiny punk. Either you have no social skills, no coping skills, or you just have to be the center of attention.  Something my parents always taught me: You may be having a tough time, but someone is having a worse time. Be grateful for what you have and work through the tough times. Things could always get worse.  I may not agree with my parents on everything, but my parents were right.  Count your blessings and find joy in whatever you can (that’s legal, of course).  And on the topic of parents, children need to shut up about how awful and unfair their parents are.  Do they feed you, clothe you, provide a place to live?  Do they not abuse you?  Then shut the eff up!!!

Also, stop with the holier-than-thou attitude.  You are no more evolved than the rest of us.  We all poop.  Get the stick out of your arse.

The fact that most people who truly get on my last nerves are female is no surprise.  As a gender, we are pretty needy and into ourselves.  However, that’s no excuse for just coming off as being a biotch.  As annoying as men can be, I have never wanted to smack the crap out of any of them every day I have contact.  I can’t say the same about females.

In conclusion, stop thinking you are the most evolved, special unicorn.  You are not.  Also, stop with the “woe is me” BS.  You are not the most pitiful runt in the litter.  Get over yourself, if only just for the sake of the sanity of those who have to deal with you.

– Bat Girls ™

Open Letter to CCM about their SPEED BS


Dear CCM:

You are a bunch of annoying idiots. When I heard SPEED was making a comeback, I was excited. Especially after the teaser was released. I thought “Finally, they are back. Hope they have a great song this time.” But, NOOOOOO. You had to go screw it up, like you did for “Lovey Dovey 2” or whatever the heck it was called. That should be a big clue when people can’t even remember what the song was actually called.  Recently, the MV for “That’s My Fault” was released. What the heck?!

  1.  WHY THE HECK DO YOU ALWAYS MAKE THOSE DRAMA VERSIONS THAT ARE WAY TOO LONG?!?!?!  I’m not going to sit there and watch the entire thing. I want to hear the song, not watch a movie.  After all, isn’t that what MVs are supposed to be about: THE DANG SONG?!
  2. WHY DOES THE DANCE VERSION ONLY SHOW LIKE 1 MINUTE TOTAL OF DANCING?! It should show, you know, the entire freaking dance. I don’t even know if the dance sucked or not. Dance versions should only be the dance and perhaps close up shots of the members; not minimal dance parts, close up shots, and dramatic scenes.
  3. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO FEATURE A DAVICHI MEMBER?  I get it, they can sing beautifully. But do you have so little respect for artists like SPEED and The SeeYa (artists you put together, I might add), that you have to throw in a Davichi member? Or do you think that the actual artists aren’t good enough? Regardless, shame on you for being such douchenozzles that you can’t let the group carry itself. I mean, I got annoyed during the “Lovey Dovey 2” because what’s-her-name from T-ARA was basically the only one who got attention.
  4. In a similar vein, WHY DO YOU SAY IT’S SPEED WHEN ONLY TAEWOON AND SEJOON HAVE LINES?  All the other members are there basically serving as backup dancers. You should have said “SPEED’s Taewoon and Sejoon ft. Haeri of Davichi.” Oh, and use actual backup dancers if the other members don’t even have a single line. (I’m assuming it was only those two, since I couldn’t tell if anyone else had any lines).
  5. THE VIDEOGRAPHY SUCKED IN THE DANCE SECTIONS. I could barely see who was who. If it hadn’t been for Taewoon sharing his and Sejoon’s teaser images, I wouldn’t have known the blonde guy was Sejoon, since I could never see his face.

Just to be fair, I thought Sejoon and Taewoon sounded great. Too bad I have no idea what the rest of the group sounds like.

CCM, get your crap together. Seriously. You’re wasting what talent you have (I’m looking at you, Taewoon) on your label and favoring those with lackluster talent, at best (excluding Davichi, of course).